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Last SK 3v3 Tour

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Channel: Clan WaR
The minimum amount of teams required for the event to start is set to 4.


3vs3 Single Elimination
Early rounds: best of 3. Both teams alternately veto one map (A-B). The remaining maps will be played. The First Map from the remaining maps is the one in Order from 1. - 5. listed below. After the Team which lost the Game picks the next map.

Grand final: best of 5. Both teams alternately veto two maps (A-B-A-B) two determinate which map will be played first and the losers of the game prior pick the next map.

Mappool: 1. Timbermaw Hold, 2. Dark Forest, 3. Battleground, 4. The Crucible, 5. Plains of Snow

Cube is not allowed. More precisely, players can't build more than 5 towers in the same area.
Breaks always after Best of 3 max 15 min. but has to be told to the organizer and/or to the opponent team which is to be played next.

The winning team will receive €90.

Banlist: Snowbreeze, Orangutan

There are three sign-up options:

Log into your account and access the registration page. Once there, go on "register with an alternative name" and add in there the team name and the nicknames of all three team participants;
Contact the organizer on the European server: SOULKEEPA
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